ARAMIS information system

The ARAMIS information system contains information regarding research, development and evaluation projects of the Swiss Federal Administration. It is intended, Government and Parliament willing, to provide information to interested parties about the research projects funded or implemented by the Swiss Confederation, as well as to improve coordination and establish transparency. This website for searching for relevant information is part of a comprehensive information system of the Federal Administration.
More study reports by the Swiss federal administration can be found in the ‘External Studies’ database, see.

ARAMIS is equipped with a search engine that can be used to search for all public projects in the ARAMIS database. To effect a quick search, enter a search term in the "Project search" field and confirm with Enter or click on the magnifying glass icon.

This will execute a full text search. Put a * at the end of incomplete terms. For example, "rain*" will find "rain", "rainbow", etc.

If you click the "Project search" navigation menu item in the left menu bar, a detailed search form for structured search queries will be opened.

Registered ARAMIS users

Registered ARAMIS users receive a user ID and a password from the ARAMIS Competence Center, so that they can login to ARAMIS.

To do so, click the "Login" hyperlink in the left navigation bar.