ARAMIS information system

The ARAMIS information system contains information regarding research projects and assessments that are either run or funded by the Federal Administration. The ARAMIS Web site can be found under and is divided into two sections.

  • One section with information intended for the general public;
  • One section with information intended for project managers only. Access to this section requires a user ID and password.

The ARAMIS information system is designed to do the following:

  • Provide interested parties with information about federally run or funded research activities and assessments (transparency),
  • Ensure that similar projects are not already being carried out within the Federal Administration (avoid redundancy),
  • Provide federal agencies with a simple tool that they can use to manage their research projects more efficiently (management tool)

The ARAMIS information system has been operational since 1997. Several parliamentary motions were introduced prior to introduction of the system to ensure greater transparency and cooperation in the area of policy sector research. The objectives and tasks are clearly described in the ARAMIS Ordinance.

The ARAMIS information system is a database application. All research activities being conducted within the Federal Administration are listed as individual or cross-referenced projects. Each project entry includes basic information such as title and duration as well as more detailed information such as project objectives, final report and contractual information. The Federal Statistical Office (FSO) and the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) are able to use this detailed information for statistical and other assessment purposes.

Since 2004, ARAMIS has served as a pillar of quality assurance in the area of federal policy sector research. This has been made possible by anchoring ARAMIS reporting of policy sector research more clearly in quality assurance guidelines.

Since 2005, ARAMIS also keeps a record of all impact studies/assessments carried out by the Federal Administration.

More study reports by the Swiss federal administration can be found in the ‘External Studies’ database, see:

Further information about research projects

For further information about research projects please contact the contact person or the institution carrying out the project. Both can be found in every project on the tab ‘Participants’

Operation of ARAMIS

For matters regarding operation of the research database ARAMIS , please contact the Competence center ARAMIS (CCA).


State Secretariat for Education and Research and Innovation SERI
ARAMIS Competence Center 
Einsteinstrasse 2
3003 Bern

Phone: +41 58 46 39494

Please only use this address for enquiries about ARAMIS technical operation.