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External review of the SWISS HUMANITARIAN AID (SHA) UNIT

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Saving lives and alleviating suffering – this is the mandate of the Swiss Humanitarian Aid (SDC/HA), which is part of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)/Federal Department of Foreign Affaires (FDFA). One of SDC/HA's main assets is its Swiss Humanitarian Unit (SHA), a pool of approximately 600 experts with various professional backgrounds. Considering the evolving global environment, the main objective of the external review was to determine the relevance and added value of the SHA's contribution to the core mandate of SDC/HA, which is saving lives and alleviating suffering. Based on these findings, the review draws conclusions and formulates recommendations on how to strengthen the SHA as operational arm of the SDC/HA in light of the future orientation of Switzerland’s international cooperation as foreseen in the federal dispatch 2021-24 and beyond.
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