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External Evaluation of IUCN’s Development Relevance

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Nature conservation and development
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SDC has been granting core contributions to IUCN since 1997. The ongoing contribution supports the implementation of the IUCN Programme 2017-2020 and aims to highlight IUCN’s comparative advantage as a nature conservation organization in terms of its relevance for sustainable development. Particular focus lies on the integration of healthy and restored ecosystems into the SDGs Water (SDG 6), Climate change (SDG 13) and Food security (SDG 2). The SDC mandated external evaluation is part of the special provisions of the IUCN – SDC Framework Agreement 2018 – 2020. The Review confirms IUCN's: 1) global intellectual leadership in developing comprehensive approaches to nature conservation – such as nature-based solutions and ecosystem-based conservation – with the potential to also address societal challenges; 2) long-time recognition that people matter: principally and as agents of nature conservation; 3) potential, embedded in its current work, globally and in-country, for deliberately contributing to societal transformations.
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