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Enabling Crowd-sourcing based privacy protection for smartphone applications, websites and Internet of Things deployments

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Privacy Flag combines crowd sourcing, ICT technology and legal expertise to protect citizen privacy when visiting websites, using smart-phone applications, or living in a smart city. It will enable citizens to monitor and control their privacy with a user friendly solution provided as a smart phone application, a web browser add-on and a public website. It will: \n\n1.Develop a highly scalable privacy monitoring and protection solution with: \n- Crowd sourcing mechanisms to identify, monitor and assess privacy-related risks;\n- Privacy monitoring agents to identify suspicious activities and applications;\n- Universal Privacy Risk Area Assessment Tool and methodology tailored on European norms on personal data protection;\n- Personal Data Valuation mechanism;\n- Privacy enablers against traffic monitoring and finger printing;\n- User friendly interface informing on the privacy risks when using an application or website.\n\n2.Develop a global knowledge database of identified privacy risks, together with online services to support companies and other stakeholders in becoming privacy-friendly, including:\n- In-depth privacy risk analytical tool and services;\n- Voluntary legally binding mechanism for companies located outside Europe to align with and abide to European standards in terms of personal data protection;\n- Services for companies interested in being privacy friendly;\n- Labelling and certification process.\n\n3.Collaborate with standardization bodies and actively disseminate towards the public and specialized communities, such as ICT lawyers, policy makers and academics.\n\n11 European partners, including SMEs and a large telco operator, bring their complementary technical, legal, societal and business expertise; strong links with standardization bodies and international fora; and outcomes from over 20 related research projects. It will build a privacy defenders community and will establish a legal entity with a sound business plan to ensure longterm sustainability and growth.