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cReative-asset harvEsting PipeLine to Inspire Collective-AuThoring and Experimentation

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REPLICATE will assemble a world-class team of creative thinkers from research and private sectors to:\n\n- Fuel the creative industries’ growing demand for high-quality content by developing a user-centric, mobile-based, 3D-acquisition tool to transform the real-world into new forms of creative-assets by recruiting and encouraging the involvement of everyone.\n\n- Establish rich and flexible forms of reusable content through the development of semantic decomposition tools that can guide users through the process of unlocking sub-elements of objects and easily add lifelike properties to complex objects.\n\n- Introduce and stimulate the creative industries to new ways of content creation, access and reusability through a carefully devised crowd-sourcing strategy, fuelled by 3 Creativity Incubators.\n\nEnhance the human creative process through the integration of novel Mixed-Reality (MR) user experiences, enabling experimental solutions like 3D/4D storyboarding in unconstrained environments and the ad-hoc expression of ideas by disassembling and reassembling objects in a co-creative workspace.\n\nREPLICATE will benefit many stakeholder groups: Citizens will be empowered to generate 3D and be encouraged to solve disambiguations during reconstruction and decomposition. Creative people without prior 3D expertise will get icon-driven tools to experiment and play with 3D. Creativity professionals will be able to add richness and semantic-awareness to 3D models by harnessing human experience and state-of-the-art object detection. Researchers in the humanities will be able to take advantage of the creativity platform, usability and usage outcomes to further their research into co-creativity.