Information about the New Search (Beta Version)

A database application is only as good as its search function. What is the use of perfect project information if it cannot be found? The ARAMIS search function has therefore been completely redesigned using the latest technology and is available in the beta version for testing.

The most important ‘Features’ of the new search function are:

  • Full text search allows parts of words to be entered, resulting in more hits. For example, when entering the letter sequence 'Case', words such as 'Case study', 'Emergency' or 'If necessary' are also found.
  • Individual fields can be specifically searched. For example, the advanced search allows searching only in project titles, project numbers or subject categories. The search possibilities and performance of the search can be significantly increased.
  • ARAMIS comprises research projects, evaluation projects and external studies. Now the project type can be included in the search.
  • Not least, the new search has a integrated search grammar, which greatly expands the search and filter options. As soon as a search query is sent from the extended search mask, the search query appears in the corresponding search grammar in the text search field.

We ask you to try the new search and are grateful for suggestions and feedback to A definitive version of the new search will be available in a later ARAMIS release.